RVRC LIVE! September 2018

In this month’s RVRC LIVE, Dave Solberg shares his favorite roof cleaner and sealer for RV’s, discusses roof repair, winterization, interior flooring, tune-ups and much more. Check out the recap!

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36 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! September 2018”

  1. Smokey

    I’m buying one, looking for a grand junction. I’ve had an rv for over 35 years. Just checking out your program. I’m interested in joining.

  2. Patrick

    Suggestions For Suspension, Trac/Front-Rear SwauBars,Shocks.

  3. PETER

    Just popped in to say Hi Dave!

  4. Joe

    What should we realistically expect to pay to have someone professionally reseal our roof? What would it cost us to do it ourselves? How difficult is the job?

  5. Jim

    Need information on replacement of driving lights for front bumper; part number etc. Thanks

  6. Allen

    Still having technicals difficulties? Can’t join in

  7. Mike

    My tub and surround are yellowed, how can I get it to white? Failing that can it be removed by layman and replaced with shower pan and new shower walls? standard mini tub with left hand drain. Cost effective suggestions?

  8. Alfred

    What has your experience been with the Autopark Brake as used on the 2005 era Workhorse chassis? I had the Autopark light flip on several times while highway driving indicating pump needed to run to build up pressure. Is this normal or should I be worried about a system failure?

  9. Mike Sandling

    AC, furnace, and blowers all worked until I unplugged the unit to travel about 2 hours. Now none of them work. What could be the problem?

  10. SUSAN

    How often do u tune up a gas Ford v10 engine?