Where Would You Go In Your RV?

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The lure of RVing is often that sense of freedom we get when we first head out on the open road. It’s a feeling you can pursue year after year, trip after trip. We often find ourselves dreaming of our next trip, and we’re pretty sure you are no different. So we asked the question, “If you could take off right now, where would you go?” Here is what you had to say.

Where Would You Go in Your RV?

“I’d go cross country and stop whenever and wherever we want to go. We’d go up to Alaska and into the Yukon and British Columbia and Alberta, then maybe head home. No hurries or rushes.”

-Betsy S., Virginia

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“I would head out to the Boonies by a river and live there forever. Fish, hunt, and write books.”

-Sean G., Pennsylvania

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“If I could afford it, I would take my wife on a trip in our trailer the full length of Highway 101.”

– Herschel L., Oregon

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“Nowhere! I’m happy where I am here in Arizona. But in the summer, the California Coast!”

– Ellen O., Arizona

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“Big Pine, California. I remember being 12 years old spending time fishing there with my grandfather.”

– Robert B., Texas

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“Anywhere and everywhere! The mountains, with a river and a campfire. And a few beers!”

– Marcia M., New Mexico

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“Chilhowie, Virginia to attend the Smyth County Jam on Monday nights!”

– Randy D., Kentucky

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“Nowhere! I’m in Key Largo right now and the weather suits me just fine compared to up north!”

– David T., Massachusetts

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“Anywhere that is at least 300 miles away from work!”

– David M., California

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“I’m a full time RVer, so I would actually go home for a change!”

– Chris. P., Oregon

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17 Responses to “Where Would You Go In Your RV?”


    I would head to Jackson Rancheria in Jackson California or McCall in Idaho. Enjoying the relaxing sorrundings.

  2. Keith A.

    "The Mountains are calling and I must go". Leaving next week from La. Going to spend the next 2 months in Colorado,Utah,New Mexico, and Arizona. Can't wait.

  3. De

    I’d drive to Oregon to visit my grandkids ... quite the jaunt, since I’d be traveling from Alaska! I have it tentatively planned for 2020.

  4. Martin

    Out of town ... in the summertime back up to the NET, and wintertime on Vancouver Island where many friends live.

  5. Charles

    I would love to travel to the redwood forest

  6. JOHN

    In wish to travel out west

  7. William

    I'd like to see the electrical and hydrolic diagrams

  8. Harlan & Margaret Schuck

    We would go back to Dauphin Island, Alabama. There is a campground at the east end of Dauphin Island on Mobile Bay. Dauphin Island is very laid back with beautiful beaches and a great bird sanctuary for hiking. Water ferry access across the bay to Gulf Shores can accommodate large rvs and operates every 45 minutes during day time hours. You can even walk on to the ferry for a early evening round trip tour of the bay to look for dolphins. Pure heaven for us Iowans.

  9. dawn westmoreland

    I am 70 years old and travel alone...why hasn't some one invented a system to get those lp tanks on the trailer hitch...it kills me every time I have to get one filled and replace it on the hitch

  10. Ronnie Taylor

    We are leaving coast in Ms. Going to Yellowstone,Glacier,then,Calgary, across and down to Seattle. Down the coast of Oregon and California, go across thru Reno thru Colorado, and make our way back to Ms.