Why Do You Love RVing?


They say RVing is a way of life – not just a pastime or something to do on the weekends or throughout the summer. What exactly is it about RVing that drives us (pun intended) to pursue this passion? We wanted to know, so we asked. Check out what you had to say.

Why Do You Love RVing?

“RVing allows me the opportunity to create experiences I can’t have at home with new people who don’t act like those you pass in the halls of hotels. They seem to love conversations with any other RVer, sharing adventures and goals. New friends and these new memories are priceless.”

– Teri E., Iowa


“I enjoy getting away from home and spending time with family and friends taking the boat out for a day of fun then coming back to camp and eating, resting, talking, etc. If I listed all the things we enjoyed about it I’d be here writing all day!”

– Paul F., Arkansas


“My wife and I enjoy the great outdoors, especially sitting around the campfire in the evening. Meeting new people in different states, listening to their accents and having them say, ‘Hey, I bet you’re from New York, right?’ We get a kick out of that, while they think they don’t have an accent and start laughing.”

– John H., New York

Quote about loving RVing

“The freedom of having your own bedding and your own stuff, as compared to any hotel out there where you never know what you’re laying down in! I love sleeping in my own bed for a third of the price as well.”

– Tom N., Michigan

Quote about RVs

“It’s as simple as being with my wife and just enjoying all life has to offer: places we’ve never seen before, revisiting old favorites getting from place to place, going somewhere because someone said it was awesome, the freedom to go at a pace that works for both of us. No better way to go than in our RV.”

– Tony S., Florida

Quote about loving RVing

“This is my home and I wouldn’t have any other way… 24/7.”

– Chango W., New Mexico

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