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Clarity Defender PLUS Windshield Treatment

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Clarity Defender PLUS Windshield Treatment

Glare. Darkness. Rain. These three elements make it more difficult for drivers to see clearly. And confidently.

Improve your driving vision, and your response time, with Clarity Defender® Plus, a windshield treatment that creates a water repellent, protective layer for your RVs, cars, trucks, and boats. This product is a must for weekend warriors and daily commuters.

The benefits of Clarity Defender PLUS include:

  • Repels rain at highway driving speeds for better vision and a reduced need for windshield wipers
  • Bonds to glass and mirrors, creating a nanoseal that offers protection from road salt, windshield washer fluid and household cleaners
  • Includes a convenient, disposable applicator and a high-quality microfiber buffing cloth
  • Applies easily – wipe on, wipe off in 15 minutes – and lasts up to one year
  • Makes a windshield easier to clean and reduces wear and tear of wiper blades
  • Does not harm paint or trim