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Essential Tools and Gadgets for Your RV


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Video Download: Essential Tools and Gadgets for Your RV

Every RVer compiles an assortment of what they feel are the essential tools and gadgets they need to fix, troubleshoot, and maintain their rig. Every trip through a dealership parts department, home improvement store or discount on-line catalog seems to produce one more item that they just can’t live without.

With over 30 years of RV experience, Managing Editor Dave Solberg has compiled a list of Cool Tools and Gadgets that are not the ordinary wrenches and screwdrivers, rather a unique blend of meters, home-made accessories, and testers that are not only beneficial in maintenance and troubleshooting, but are even fun. Items like the LP level tester that uses ultrasound, the “Magnet Source” that will magnetize any metal tool or even a clothes hanger and then demagnetize it, or the infra-red heat tester that can be used to indicate when bearings are starting to heat up telling you they need to be repacked or replaced before a breakdown on the road costs you 10 times as much.

Dave introduces each one of his “cool tools and gadgets” showing you how to put them to use to save you time and money.