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Video Download: Refrigeration How-To

Your instructor, Dave Solberg, will show you how an absorption refrigerator operates and what makes it different than the compressor drive models used in our homes. Different types of refrigerators will be explained, such as Dometic and Norcold as well as changes that have occurred to the design over the years. We’ll cover tips to make your absorption refrigerator work more efficiently even during the heat of the summer months as well as troubleshooting procedures for no operation on LP or AC, insufficient cooling, and even over-cooling or frosting up. You will learn many other topics, including basic maintenance such as cleaning the burner assembly, exhaust vent, and flue, which should be done periodically to make your absorption refrigerator run more efficiently. Fault codes can tell a lot about the issues that are happening with your refrigerator, and both Dometic and Norcold have specific codes to make troubleshooting fast and easy. 45 minutes.

In this video, we will cover:

  • Common Refrigerators and Refrigerator Power Sources
  • The Importance of Leveling
  • How the 120 Volt Operation Runs Your Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Checking the 12 Volt Battery
  • Refrigerator Vent Inspection
  • Absorption Refrigeration and the Role Heat Plays
  • Simple Tips for Keeping Refrigerators Efficient
  • Tips and Tricks to Refrigerator Troubleshooting
  • Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips for 120 Volt Systems
  • Diagnosing an Inefficient Refrigerator
  • Cleaning a Burner Assembly
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