Dave Solberg

Are 6-Volt RV Batteries in Series Better Than a Single 12 Volt?

Dave Solberg
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We get a lot of members of the RV Repair Club community asking what kind of RV batteries they should use on their rig. They’re often unsure whether they should opt for a single 12-volt battery or a pair of 6-volt RV batteries in series (equaling 12-volts). The answer to which is better is a simple one: it depends. Okay, so there are some nuances to the dilemma.

To help you figure out which is best for you, in this lesson Dave Solberg teaches you the difference between a 12-volt battery and a series of 6-volt batteries. He talks about the pros and cons of each, and explains why there’s a clear winner based on the type of travel you typically do. With Dave’s advice, you’ll have no trouble deciding the battery option that works for your needs and budget!

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7 Responses to “Are 6-Volt RV Batteries in Series Better Than a Single 12 Volt?”

  1. Jeff Davison

    Is there any advantage to replacing 2 6 V batteries with 2 12V batteries?

  2. Jeffery Gannon

    Two 6 volt 200 amp-hour batteries in series have exactly the same capacity as two 12v 100 amp-hour batteries in parallel. The real capacity is the sum of the Watt-hours of the batteries in the bank. Thus 6v x 200Ah x 2 batteries is exactly equal to 12v x 100 Ah x 2 batteries and both banks have 2400 Watt-hours of capacity. The banks will also be about the same volume and weigh about the same for the same battery technology. You can’t beat physics or mother nature. Thus

  3. Mike Morris

    Which is more powerful & lasts longer? (2) six volt batteries in series or (2) 12 volt batteries in parallel? If I go from six volts to 12 volts, do I have to change my converter / inverter to adequately charge the batteries?

  4. Gary

    You mentioned that you could not use 3 6V batteries. I believe you can using a series parallel configuration. That is have two batteries hooked up in parallel, pos to pos, neg to neg) then hook that combo in series with a third battery.

  5. Pierre Charpentier


  6. Bert Gunness

    Seems to me that two 12 volt batteries in parallel would have as much capacity as 6 volt batteries in series. The amp hours of the batteries would tell the tale.

  7. Albert Crawford(

    So you did not answer the question! Why? Any one can do thst kind of video. Not impressed!

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