Jason & Lisa McEwen

7 Camping Etiquette Rules Beginners Should Know

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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When you’re at a campsite, there are some unwritten rules that beginners should know about. As you might suspect, all of the rules really focus on being kind to your neighbor and respectfully sharing the space in nature.

Here are seven camping etiquette rules that everyone should know.

Be patient, especially during check-in time

Check-in time can be busy. When you check in, be sure to pull your RV off to the side so others can get through. Some parks have the process streamlined, where you pick up a packet at the front station and drive to your site. Others require in-person check-ins. Either way, stay patient.

Stay quiet during quiet time

It’s vacation—we get it, you want to stay up and have some fun, but you should still be respectful of your neighbors. Campgrounds have set quiet hours, usually somewhere around 9 or 10 p.m., but you should check with the campground you’re at.

Don’t cut through your neighbor’s campsite

Be respectful of people’s space. Treat a person’s campsite as their property, even if they are renting it, and be respectful. Don’t cut through their site to get to the beach faster or race through on your way to the bathroom. Stick to the trails or roads.

Keep your site clean

Try to keep your site fairly tidy, especially when it comes to food. After you’re finished eating, be sure to pick all of your food up. Put the scraps in the garbage and any leftovers in the fridge.

Respect the check-out time

When it’s time to go, make sure you leave before the scheduled check-out time. Remember, campgrounds are usually pretty busy places and someone will likely pull into your spot shortly after you leave, so keep it fair for everyone by leaving before the check-out time.

Take care of your pet

If you bring a pet, be sure to look after it. Clean up any messes and make sure your furry friend isn’t making loud noises.

Drive the speed limit

If you’re driving through the grounds, keep it to the speed limit or less to keep everyone safe.

Many of you are probably already practicing these rules, but remember, the overarching goal is to respectfully share the space with others.

Here are a few more pieces of RV etiquette to review along with etiquette to practice at the dump station.

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