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Simple RV Kitchen Storage Solutions to Maximize Space

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Space in most RV kitchens is at a premium, so sometimes you have to get a little creative to fit all of your essentials and still feel like you have room to move around. In this free video lesson, we teach you 5 easy and inexpensive RV kitchen storage solutions that you can use to get the most out of your limited space.

5 RV Kitchen Storage Hacks

To help you keep your RV kitchen neat and free of clutter, Lauren introduces 5 of her favorite space-saving objects for better RV kitchen storage:

1) Keep your counters clear with a wall-mounted wire basket. This narrow basket is ideal because it doesn’t jut out far from the wall, yet it’s strong enough to hold several phones and devices, chargers, and other necessities.

2) Avoid the spice jar shuffle by hanging a spice rack with grippers on the inside of your cabinets. Be sure to leave space to close the door when installing!

3) Utilize wire cabinet shelf racks to maximize space in your taller cabinets. By stacking your ingredients, you fill wasted space with essentials!

4) Mount utensil holders on an empty wall, maybe over your sink or oven. These can be filled with forks and knives, kitchen tools, or even some greenery to add a delicate touch!

5) Attach a kitchen wrap organizer to the inside of a low cabinet door. If your drawer space is limited, you don’t want to fill it with bulky boxes of plastic wrap and foil. Get these things out of the way by mounting them out of sight!

These are just some of our favorite tricks for better RV kitchen storage. With a little ingenuity, we’re sure you can come up with a number of other creative space-saving and decluttering ideas for your specific kitchen!

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