Dave Solberg

Customizing a Coaxial Cable for Your Required Length

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   3  mins

Depending on the entertainment setup you opt for in your RV, you might need to utilize a coaxial cable to stream on your TV. Most coax cables come in various lengths, and you can order one that can be customized for your specific length, but those can get pretty expensive. In this quick video lesson, RV repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to trim an RG-6 coaxial cable to the length you need for your RV setup.

How to cut a coax cable

If you decide to go with a trimmable coaxial cable to broadcast your high-definition RV entertainment, follow along with Dave’s tips for properly trimming a cable. He uses a kit to get the job done, which runs about $15 at any hardware or home improvement store. You can also get a massive roll of RG-6 for less than $20, so you can rest assured that you won’t be breaking the bank.

The kit will provide you with thorough instructions on the process, but it’s really quite simple. You’ll peel off about an inch of the sheath around the ground wire as well as some of the insulation, and then insert the exposed ground into a coaxial adaptor. Once that’s securely on the end of your wire, you’ll use the provided tool to create a tight, waterproof, and professional-looking port.

Just make sure to leave enough of the wire exposed so you get a solid connection, and you should have no problems. If you struggle to reach your coax port because it’s in a tricky or tight spot on the back of your TV, Dave recommends a couple of coax adapter extenders. One of these is an elbow that changes the angle, and another essentially allows you to plug in rather than screw in the male port. Not required, but handy in a pinch. Enjoy your entertainment while you’re out enjoying the open road!

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