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Discover Majesty at Denali National Park

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Duration:   4  mins

Dissected by a single 92-mile road and centered around North America’s highest mountain, Denali National Park is home to some of the United States’ most breaktaking landscapes, untouched by human endeavor, as well as the vast unknown.

Located not far from the epicenter of Alaska’s great wilderness lies Denali National Park, sprawling and diverse and beautiful. Through your backdoor you could see exoctic wildlife at its most natural, remarkable bodies of ice-cold water that burn with the reflection of the sun, or even the tallest mountain peak in North America. Known by the world as Mount McKinley, the locals simply refer to this 20,300 ft mountain as Denali, a word derived from a local group of people that means “The High One.”

If you choose to stretch your legs amongst Denali National Park’s more than 6 million acres of diverse wilderness bursting with life at the High One’s feet, you’ll likely encounter the grizzly bears’ hunt for evasive prey such as the doll sheep, observe the slow crawl and melt of Alaska’s iconic glaciers, uncover a fractal of slow-moving streams and speed-skating rapids and, by way of a challenging hike, marvel at Wonder Lake’s crystal mirroring of the peaks of Mount McKinley.

If you choose to follow the solitary road into the heart of Denali National Park, you’ll enjoy countless views that make you say “Wow!” each time you step off the tour bus. Polychrome Pass, Stonyhill Overlook and Teklanika River are just a few of the tourist-friendly spots in Denali National Park perfect for taking in wonderful natural scenery and jaw-dropping wildlife. And if you’re brave enough and you want to see something truly special, you can take a few steps off the paved path and burn your own trail!

Keep your eyes peeled for lounging beavers and dancing bear cubs; there’s always something remarkable waiting around each corner in Denali National Park. If you’re looking for ideas and information for a trip to Denali National Park, visit the park’s website to start exploring.

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