Dave Solberg

How to Fix RV Delamination

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   3  mins

RV delamination is a problem that can affect all sizes of vehicles, but is most common in coaches. We received a question from a Club member who was experiencing delamination on the sidewall of his Coachmen Class C. He wondered what could be do to fix this issue and how he should go about preventing it from happening again. So in this lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg explains the ins and outs of RV delamination.

If you’ve ever had trouble with delamination on your rig, you probably know that it’s not an inexpensive issue. Patch repairs on delaminated areas can be fairly pricey, so Dave recommends upfront that you take proper precaution to avoid having to navigate this situation. First and foremost, delamination is caused by moisture that seeps between a vehicle’s wall layers, which leads to bubbling and corrosion. Dave talks about the difference between cosmetic RV delamination and the kind that warrants patch repair. However, once you understand the basics of correct sealing protocol, you shouldn’t have any trouble steering clear of delamination!

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7 Responses to “How to Fix RV Delamination”

  1. William Shiffer

    I've read that older Alfa See Ya Class A's had that issue. I am considering buying one, anything I should know or just good maintenance and looking for leaks?


    How does one see these videos? When I push the arrow all that comes up is play with a bunch of videos in the background scrolling. Never see the video!

  3. Adam John Puccino

    The title was "How to fix RV Delamination" I still don't know how to fix my delamination. What kind of adhesive do you use? How is it squirted in? How is pressure applied? What is recommended to fill the hole you drilled? How far from the hole will the adhesive spread? Does the adhesive expand?

  4. Darcy Brister


  5. Bruce Pringle

    This video told me nothing about "How to fix RV Delamination" many be how to prevent it. Poor title ! I joined to get better at fixing (DYI) my older RV. Waste of my time.

  6. Allan Santovenia


  7. Tim

    If this was caused by window seal. would re caulking around the outside of the window fix the problem?

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