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Fixing a Hole in a TPO RV Roof with a Rubber Patch Coach Net

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When it comes to maintaining the components on your RV, regular preventative care is just as important as making the right fix when the damage is done. This is especially true for a TPO RV roof, which is that layer of rubber material that lines the roof of your rig and is prone to cuts, rips and holes from any number of sources. Repairing a TPO RV roof that’s experiencing wear and tear is a quick process that requires a simple and inexpensive solution. In this lesson, we teach you how to cover any damage that’s been done to your TPO RV roof to guarantee you won’t need to do more serious repairs down the line.

How to fix a TPO RV roof

Like other forms of preventative care for any vehicle, the objective for repairing a TPO RV roof is to nip minor damage in the bud before it becomes a real issue. RV roofs are susceptible to cutting and tearing as well as resulting costly leaks, so it’s essential that you keep an eye on your roof to ensure it stays in tiptop shape. To help you prevent major damage and seal up small holes on your TPO RV roof, Dave Solberg demonstrates the proper way to repair torn or cut TPO membrane on an RV roof. He walks you step by step through the simple process for patching TPO RV roof liner with rubber tape strips.

In this case, the RV’s TV antennae has worn small holes into the TPO RV roof, so to avoid bubbling under the membrane from rain and sun damage, Dave uses rubber patches to cover the holes and keep the roofline watertight. Also, while he doesn’t need it for this particular repair, Dave talks about how you can utilize self-leveling lap sealant to better ensure your patch stays intact and effective for years to come. Take advantage of this simple tip to prevent that small cut on your TPO RV roof from turning into an expensive headache!

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