Gain A Better Understanding of an RV Distribution Panel

Sydney Franklin
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Duration:   8  mins

There are many different components to an RV distribution panel. All of which route the electricity coming into your unit to the appropriate appliances and electrical outlets. The RV distribution panel will have 30-amp power coming into it that energizes the box. This is similar to what is installed in homes, but a lot smaller.

The 30-amps of power come into the RV distribution panel and enters a main circuit breaker, two 15-amp circuit breakers and two 20-amp circuit breakers. The breakers are individually connected to different devices within the unit, such as various outlets, microwave, refrigerator and air conditioning units. The panel door will have a list of what each breaker is connected to.

When the breakers in the RV distribution panel are down, it means that they are off. If the switch is in the half-space position it means the breaker has been blown. This could mean that there is a problem with the device connected to it or the breaker needs to be reset. To reset the breaker, bring it all the way down and then back into the up position.

Bad breakers may need to be replaced. To replace a breaker in your RV distribution panel all you have to do is unscrew the surrounding screws and pull the breaker out. To check the breaker, set your meter to ohms and turn it to the “on” position. Connect the meter to the connectors on the bottom of the breaker and to the bus connection at the top. If the breaker is good, it should give a zero reading.

For your own protection, when working with your RV distribution panel make sure it is disconnected from a power source and you have the appropriate safety goggles on.

A properly working distribution panel and electrical system allows you to take all appliances and luxuries of home with us on the road.

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