Glacier Bay National Park: Beauty Rediscovered, Again and Again

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Duration: 5:04

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There are few places in the world like Alaska’s national parks. The Frontier State is home to some of the most remarkable experiences and awe-inspiring vistas. It’s no wonder mankind holds us this breathtaking stretch of diverse land with such fascination, seemingly discovering its wonders time and time again. One such portion of the state that captures our attention over and over is Glacier Bay National Park.

Spanning nearly 3.3 million acres of Alaska’s northern panhandle, Glacier Bay National Park overflows with undisturbed plant and wildlife, and beckons more than half a million visitors each year who come in search of adventure and amazement. Come along with us as we take a behind-the-scenes tour of the sights and sounds of Glacier Bay, where you’ll find seals and sea lions sunbathing, forests of hemlock and spruce, and crystal blue ice caps that have been around since the first Ice Age. Feast your eyes and ears, and enjoy a peak of North America’s primal past!