Travel Trailer Driving Tips: How to Back up an RV

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Duration: 5:07

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In this video lesson RV driving expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to back up an RV travel trailer into a parking or campground spot. He demonstrates step by step the technique necessary to safely and smoothly reverse your travel trailer into any space big enough to fit it.

Similar to parallel parking in a car, backing a travel trailer into a spot is all about watching your angles. And like learning to drive your first car, you should practice standard maneuvers with your travel trailer prior to doing them in the real world. Dave recommends finding an empty lot to safely go through the motions.

Whether you’re confident enough to pull off the standard 90-degree swing or you opt to cheat and utilize Dave’s easier “S maneuver”, you can never get enough practice with your particular vehicle. And remember these two things: shorter trailers react quicker to your movements, and always look for the drive-through (if you don’t have to reverse, don’t force it). Have fun learning!