Dave Solberg

How to Inspect your RV Slide Room with These RV Tips

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   6  mins

RV Slide outs are designed to be low maintenance, but periodic inspection is required to keep them in good condition. Our video provides RV tips and inspection directions using an actual RV making it easy to visualize the issues.

Hydraulic or Electrical Issues

Slide-out mechanisms are usually driven by 12 volt DC mechanism or by hydraulic cylinders. Gear driven mechanisms should be inspected for any foreign object that could get clogged in the gear, or for broken or cracked teeth in the gear or rail. Hydraulic cylinders and rams should never be power washed but should be wiped down if dirt or moisture is present. For hydraulic systems inspect the fluid level on a regular basis.

Inspecting the Seals

Slide rooms have rubber seals that prevent wind and moisture from getting into the RV and maintaining them is extremely important. When a seal is replaced it should be the same kind as the original. Seals require regular inspection. Top and bottom seals are extremely important.

Inspect the slider seals to make certain that they are still flexible. Exposure to weather can cause the rubber to become brittle. Seal protectants can help keep seals pliant and cable fitting tightly thus preventing moisture from entering the RV. You must inspect the set of seals used when the slider is extended and also the seals used when the slider is retracted. During inspection stop the slider room in the middle and examine all the visible seals both inside and out.

Check Abnormal Patterns – Noise and Wear

Identify any abnormal wear patterns on metallic components and on slide room floors. Abnormal patterns may indicate that vertical corrections should be made. Abnormal noises are also an indication that adjustments are required.

Watch this video to get real world RV tips on slide room inspection.

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