Dave Solberg

How to Keep Mice Out of an RV

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   12  mins

It is an age-old battle that every RV owner in history has faced each time they put their RV into storage for the winter: how to keep mice out of an RV. Keeping mice out of a stored RV requires going over every inch of the RV looking for gaps, holes or spaces where mice can make their way into the inside of the RV. In this quick lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to ensure no mice get into your vehicle, whether motorhome, tow trailer or fifth wheel. He gets down underneath his demo rig to crawl you through the step-by-step inspection process, and gives you some handy tips for mouse-proofing the interior and exterior of your RV.

Sorry, No Mouse Rooms For Let

Knowing how to keep mice out of an RV requires that you look for any possible openings or loose panels. For instance, if the front panel is not tightly attached a rodent can easily squeeze in through that compartment. To make sure everything is sealed, Dave recommends setting a strong light inside the RV and turning off all of the lights in your garage or storage facility (if possible).

You’ll want to move the light around and inspect the underbelly of both the driver and passenger sides of your RV. Look for even the tiniest strip of light seeping through. Knowing how to keep mice out of an RV requires this because where the light shines through is a space where a mouse can enter the RV. If it’s as small as a dime, a mouse can manage! And although your vehicle might seem too high off the ground for a mouse to reach, you’d be surprised how much of a boost a buildup of windblown snow can provide.

When working on learning how to keep mice out of an RV, you can turn on all of the lights on the inside of the RV or use a powerful spotlight. Roll underneath the RV looking for any gaps where mice can get in. You should start at the wheel wells move toward the back, using inexpensive expandable foam, silicone or undercoating to fill in the gaps where mice might be able to enter. Also, Dave suggests looking for any wires or hoses poking out of the floor area and gaps around them.

Once you’ve inspected the vehicle’s exterior, head inside and check all interior compartments to verify they are closed and will hold through the winter. Be sure to wiggle the lid on your battery compartment and inspect the bottom of the compartment. This is a popular spot for the pesky mouse to find refuge.

After covering every spare inch of his rig, Dave explains why it’s so important to remove all food from the cabinets, drawers and refrigerator before stowing your RV for the long winter. A mouse can detect small crumbs from miles away. Once everything is sealed and all of the food is removed, you can also use a deterrent at all points of entry as extra security. The standard trap can be your best friend if a crack does open up in your flooring, serving as a valuable last line of defense!

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