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Inspecting RV Tires Prior to Trip Departure

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Duration:   4  mins

You may have remembered to test the engine, batteries, windows, slide rooms, appliances, windshield wipers and toilet, but if you haven’t checked the status of your RV tires, you’re not ready to hit the highway. We see blowouts and alignment troubles strike RVers at the worst moments, often as a result of entirely preventable issues that should’ve been caught before wheels touch open road.

That’s why we recommend adding a tire inspection to your pre-travel checklist. In this lesson, we teach you what to look for and proper precautions to take if you notice anything that just isn’t right. RVing expert Dave Solberg walks you through quick inspection, explaining why it’s so important to complete standard service items to ensure your RV tires are road ready. These procedures include measuring tire pressure, applying UV-protection spray to sidewalls, checking for even tread wear, and more. With Dave’s advice and regular inspections before every trip, you can rest easy knowing your tires are as prepared as you are for that long awaited getaway!

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