Dave Solberg

Inspecting Your RV Marker Lights

Dave Solberg
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RV marker lights, also known as clearance lights, are required by all traffic safety laws and need to be fully operational while driving your RV. The red RV marker lights are those found along the top of the exterior of the unit showing the highest clearance point of the RV. The amber RV marker lights on the side exterior of the unit point out the widest points of the RV to oncoming traffic.

Making sure all RV marker lights are working is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle and as the driver, you could be ticketed should one of these lights not be working. It is important to check all exterior lights before driving the RV on the highway. To check these lights take the exterior housing off and inspect the socket. These lights are operated off of low voltage, so it is okay to check the lights without turning the power off. Make sure the light fits in snugly and is not loose.

If the RV marker lights for your RV are an older design they will have a snap in socket, where the light can easily be popped in and out of the socket. Overtime, while driving the lights can come out of place, which is why it is important to keep a watchful eye on all of the lights. It might also be best to replace older lights with newer models. Newer RV marker lights are more secure and less lightly to come loose while on the highway.

Save yourself time and money from being pulled over and ticketed because of faulty marker lights. Replacing older lights with newer models will give you peace of mind your unit is up to code and you are safe while driving on the highway.

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6 Responses to “Inspecting Your RV Marker Lights”

  1. Richard

    Marker lights on top are not working (2) of the 5. Also marker lights on sides , both driver and passenger are not working. Also the directionals on the front ,both bone blink. Could there be a bad fuse controlling all this and if it is WHERE are they located. HELP🤬

    • Customer Service

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      The markers lights are all tied together so if only a few are not working it is either the bulbs have burned out, or control board if LED, or there is a problem with the wiring. Typically if the ones not working are in the same area, as you said the top ones, it could be a wiring issue. You may have to remove some of the other lights to tell which wires the top lights are feeding off of and check the connections. It could be the connections on the back of the lights as well. As for the turn signals, the front and rear all share the same relay so if some of them work then it is not the relay. The front lights can have a separate fuse so you would want to check the fuse panel. These are located in many different spots but it would either be in the engine compartment, under the dash or somewhere near the dash, it won’t be in the living area of the RV. Again, it would be a problem with the bulbs, LEDs or the wiring. You would have to remove the lights and check the bulbs and then the voltage going to it to know for sure.

      RV Repair Club Technical Expert

  2. fletchermawyer

    Not trying to be sarcastic here,but if your gonna give folks information at least know what your talking about. The lights across the top,are ID lights .3 in the middle are ID and the 2 outer are clearance of over 80” wide.Red on rear and amber on front

  3. Joanne

    Ads on the videos even for gold members? You’ve pretty much insured that I won’t re-subscribe when my year is over.

    • Joanne

      ….and then, I’m forced to watch the 30 second ad a second time after leaving a comment? Really?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Joanne. Thank you for your feedback. I will forward your comments on to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of our online video streaming community.
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