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Installing an RV Power Vent: A Step-by-Step Demo

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Duration:   46  mins

Standard RV roof vents are great for removing stale air from your cabin, but they’re not so proficient in replacing that old air with new, cooler air. For that, you need to upgrade to an electric RV power vent with a built-in fan. Updated RV power vent models make it extremely simple to replenish the air in your RV and keep your living quarters feeling fresh and comfortable around the clock. In this lesson, we teach you how to swap your traditional RV roof vent for a switch-operated RV power vent, walking you step by step through the installation process.

Expert tips to safely remove your old vent

Before you can get your new power vent hooked up, you have to first remove the former vent from its housing. RV experts Dave Solberg and Steve Albright demonstrate the tips and techniques necessary you’ll need to do so, including unscrewing the vent and detaching the screen from the inside and breaking the sealant from the outside.

How to install an RV power vent

Once you’ve removed the old vent apparatus, ensured all sealant has been stripped away, and (if necessary) squared the corners on the opening, you’re ready to install your new RV power vent. Steve begins this phase of the process by showing you how to locate an adequate power source nearby—more often than not, this will be an overhead light.

You’ll then learn how to draw power from your designated source by drilling pathways along the ceiling that will allow you to span and cross wires. If this is your first time completing wire work of this kind, fear not—Steve takes you slowly through each step. With his guidance, you should have no trouble hooking the new RV power vent to its source and drawing a current.

After everything appears functional, Steve explains the importance of the final step (sealing) and gives you a few pointers for maintaining and operating your RV power vent. And that’s it; enjoy the fresh air!

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