RV Thermostat Upgrade: Is It Time to Go Digital?

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Your RV thermostat serves to help keep you cool during the dog days of summer and nice and toasty during those cold winter months. It can be viewed as the “brains” of your RV’s heating and cooling system. And like many RV components, thermostats have improved over time. Technology has provided them with better control over your RV’s HVAC system. Is it time for you to consider an RV thermostat upgrade?? In this video, we’ll provide an overview of RV thermostats and how modern ones can save you money while keeping you in comfort.

Ask yourself – does your RV have separate thermostats for its heating and cooling units? Is yours an older recreational vehicle? Have you ever had trouble with the thermostat in your RV? If so, you may want to consider an RV thermostat upgrade even if your current one seems to be operating properly.

In this video, you’ll learn some key elements to consider when deciding on an RV thermostat upgrade. It examines situations where an RV thermostat replacement to one that is digital and programmable will ultimately pay for itself. We’ll explain why some RV thermostats are more susceptible to damage than those in your home and explore how your RV lifestyle should affect your choice of a new thermostat. We’ll also point out a key mistake to avoid when purchasing that new digital thermostat for your RV.

If you are looking to make an upgrade, an RV digital thermostat that is programmable is an affordable and relatively simple way to make a significant improvement. It will help provide more control of your comfort while saving you money and energy. Before you make the upgrade, make sure you watch this video. It’s filled with some important information for when it’s time to make a decision on an RV thermostat upgrade.

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10 Responses to “RV Thermostat Upgrade: Is It Time to Go Digital?”
    • Customer Service

      Hi Mark. Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club site and the opportunity to assist with your T/stat question. You can use a residential model, however make sure you get a name brand model as some of the “bargain” versions use weak wire and the solder points can’t hold up to road vibration and temperature changes. Thin gauge wiring also is an issue when temps get really cold.

  1. Bud Matthews

    Thermostat in my RV will not allow me to raise temp above 32 however I can lower the temp. Fix? Replace? Please your recommendation Thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Bud. To provide more specific troubleshooting information we need to know the make, model, and year of your RV as well as the model of thermostat. Some of the older t/stats only controlled the furnace with the air conditioning unit controls on the AC. Newer models control both and can be several brands but if it will not let you go above 32 degree I assume the t/stat is bad? I would recommend replacing it with the same brand as your AC unit or furnace.


    On an AC/Gas Furnace upgrade to a Digital Thermostat is it necessary to also upgrade / replace the relay control box. My A/c rooftop is a Dometic Quick Cool and an Atwood Gas Furnace. Can you do another upgrade video covering this type of upgrade? Thanks.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      That would be good video content as Dometic has over 50 different air conditioning units and you must match the correct thermostat with the Electronic Control Box that is in the air conditioner. Some are 4 button thermostat and others are 5 buttons depending on heat strips and heat pump options as well as zoning. It will be a while before we shoot more content, but will put it into the list. In the mean time, I would suggest getting your model number and serial number and contacting Dometic directly. They also have just introduced a bluetooth single zone and multi-zone thermostat if interested.

      David RVRC Video Membership

  3. Larry

    i need help with new rv domestic roof top air conditioner from control board to new domestic digital thermostat


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