Dave Solberg

Proper Highway Positioning

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   9  mins

Once you’ve completed your comprehensive pre-departure RV inspection, it’s time to hit the road! Do you know how to position your RV on the highway? In this quick lesson, Dave Solberg demonstrates the proper way to navigate the interstate in a trailer, motor home or any other recreational vehicle.

We’re in this for the leisure, right? Since there’s no rush, let’s sit back and watch Dave guide his motor home using every correct and legal road maneuver and keeping in mind all the important rules of thumb for safe driving. He explains why first-time RV drivers tend to list toward the right side of the lane, and talks about the beauty of finding your pocket. Set it and forget it, center of the lane, not tailing too close, that’s the way it’s done!

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2 Responses to “Proper Highway Positioning”

  1. Mike

    This was a big issue with me when we got our coach, a friend suggest adjusting the convex mirrors down just enough to see the front tires in relation to the lines on both sides of the lane. That helped me tremendously in keeping in the center of the lane. I also move to the outside line when being passed by a big rig to allow for cross winds & turbulence.

  2. Peter Brown

    Good info. A couple of suggestions: 1. When making tight right hand turns, drop the right mirror to see your clearance from the curb, etc. 2. To help maintain my centered position in the lane I have attached a small adhesive dot to the dashboard in front of me so my line of sight is based on the lane line to my left. Of course the right shoulder line is considered also. I drive a 45' coach and have driven semi trucks for many years with no accidents. Nice video. Thank you!

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