Rayzar Air: Great Upgrade to Your Standard RV Antenna

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One of the best things about owning an RV is being able to take many of the comforts from home along with you when traveling on vacation. This includes being able to enjoy watching your favorite television shows while relaxing at night after a long day of traveling on the open road, or to check weather and emergency conditions. A standard RV TV antenna has a limited choice of signals and channels available, due to the new digital signal being broadcast. With the older analog signal, we could “tweak” the antenna and get some long distance stations with a fuzzy or snowy picture. Today’s digital signal is different, it’s either on full strength, or you get nothing.

In the past we were only limited to a few channels, such as NBC, ABC and CBS when trying to watch television due to the remote locations most RVers camp at. Nowadays, with the assistance of digital and HD, we are able to get many more channel options even with a standard batwing RV TV antenna with a “Wingman Upgrade. This will double the reception distance, however the old style batwing type antenna is one direction and you will need to move it around and adjust to find channels.

The Rayzar Air is easy to install, by removing the old batwing type head and attaching it to the existing bars with just a few bolts. It’s that simple, no need to replace the inside crank mechanism, wiring, or roof top gear. After installation, your RV TV antenna will have a stronger signal and will be access HD and digital channels. Plus, it will be two directional, meaning you will no longer have to go outside to adjust your RV TV antenna. The Rayzar Air will also boost your antenna’s range by up to two times its previous range.
So, if you are looking to add some range to your existing antenna, consider installing the Rayzar Air to boost your current antenna’s range. This is an easy solution to your television needs while traveling in the RV and camping.

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