Dave Solberg

Repairing or Replacing RV Marker Lights

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   12  mins

For safety purposes, we all like to know what’s in front of and behind us while we’re driving, and that’s especially important for larger vehicles like motorhomes. RV marker lights are required by law to be found and functional at the front, side and back on all tow trailers, RVs and motorhomes. Because RV marker lights are typically located on the corners and other vulnerable spots on the vehicle prone to bumping and accidental damage, these components are likely to experience some wear and tear.

Demonstrating the proper technique for replacing and repairing broken RV marker lights, Dave Solberg walks you step by step through the removal and installation process. Whether broken RV marker lights simply require a new casing or bulb or the socket needs to be replaced, a job like this can be completed in no time so you can get back out on the road headed for your destination.

Before installing any components such as RV marker lights that have small holes into the interior of the RV, it’s recommended that you properly reseal the plastic to the side wall with silicone. While most fixtures are designed to clip into place, a silicone bond will guarantee a strong hold and prevent any potential leaks due to rain. Particularly for lights located on the side wall, you’ll want avoid moisture that could cause bloating in the plaster.

Dave makes his way around the entire RV, removing any malfunctioning RV marker lights and replacing them with newer models that will hold up a little better in inclement weather. If you run into any trouble with a fixture or you encounter an issue with your RV marker lights that you’re unsure how to handle, you should check your vehicle’s user manual or check an online discussion board for support. Chances are what you’re looking at has already been fixed by someone else.

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