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RV Battery Types: An Overview of Your Options

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Duration:   2  mins

Based on the amount of boondocking you do and the types of appliances you utilize on your RV, there’s a certain type of RV battery that’s optimal for your needs. While some RVers spend little time at their campsite and rely upon only minimally power-thirsty appliances, others require heavy duty batteries that they can hook up and forget about until they’re back home.

Thus, in this lesson RVing expert Dave Solberg talks about the various RV battery types you can purchase for your home away from home. He first explains which option you might opt for if you don’t mind regular maintenance and need only a small amount of juice, then talks about the upscale choice geared toward those who prefer minimal upkeep and have spare change to spend on something that will go the distance. Whatever your power needs, Dave can help you find the one that’s best suited for your specific needs!

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