Dave Solberg

RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement Instructions

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   12  mins

The vibration from being on the road can loosen even the most secure fittings, making it easy for dirt and foreign objects to get underneath the faceplate of your kitchen faucet. This is just one of the many reasons you might need to replace this basic fixture. Doing your own kitchen plumbing might seem like a complicated project, but an RV kitchen faucet replacement is actually a simple task you can do on your own in about an hour. In fact, if you’ve got an adjustable wrench of some type and some basic kitchen cleaning supplies, you won’t need to buy anything for this project except the new faucet itself.

The moving parts on older RV faucets tend to wear out, and many of them weren’t made to allow easy access to the entire sink surface. By putting in a single-handle faucet with an attached sprayer as your RV kitchen faucet replacement, you’ll make your sink look more sleek and modern while giving yourself a convenient way to wash dishes and clean the sink afterward.

In this video, you’ll learn the simple way to remove the old faucet in your RV kitchen. After the initial loosening with a wrench, the rest of the job can be done with your bare hands. You’ll learn how to tell the difference between hot and cold lines, as well as those dedicated to filtered drinking water. Your RV kitchen faucet replacement is such a simple job, you can safely pass it off onto an older child who is learning how to maintain the family RV. From removing the old faucet to turning the water on and using the new one, an RV kitchen faucet replacement is a simple job you can easily brag about because of the impressive results.

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