Upgrading Your RV Mattress

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Duration: 2:40

Most RVs come outfitted with a standard, inexpensive foam mattress. Depending on your comfort needs and frequency of use, this might not be up to snuff. We recommend that all RVers who plan to sleep in their vehicle a decent amount make the investment and upgrade their RV mattress. Doing so is fairly straightforward and can go a long way in making your journey that much more comfortable.

In this free lesson, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg explains how to search for and buy a new RV mattress. With such a wide range of mattresses now available, from the typical spring to the more luxurious pillow top or memory foam, there is bound to be a mattress out there that fits your requirements. One particular word of advice: measure! Make sure you have enough to space in your bedroom to move around and extend a slide room if you have it. Do the proper research, maybe consider a customized mattress, and you’ll be sleeping in style in no time!

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3 Responses to “Upgrading Your RV Mattress”

  1. Patricia Orozco

    I just bought a used Coachman Freelander 21RS and would like to replace the mattress. Because of the slide out, it comes in two pieces. Any idea where I can purchase such a mattress?

    • Customer Service

      You will probably have to buy it from Coachman. Many RV manufactures make custom things like that specific to their units design so it might be hard to find an aftermarket one. The only other thing is to check local manufactures of mattresses and see what they can do. You might have to buy a regular mattress and modify it yourself to fit but I would start by contacting Coachman and see if they can still get what you need.


      RV Repair Club Technical Expert

  2. William

    I have a Fourwinds 23U and it came with a horrible mattress. It is also one that is off sized and has one corner cut off at an angle. My solution was to go to an upscale memory foam with gel. I was concerned about actually cutting a “gel filled” memory foam mattress for fear the “gel” would run out. It turns our the “gel” is only an encapsulated gel within the foam and cutting the width down and cutting the angle on one of the corners worked perfectly. So this solution was a relatively inexpensive way to get a nice mattress without having to go custom. I used a simple long bread knife to cut the very thick foam. I then used the original mattress cover that came with the foam mattress and tucked the excess cover under the mattress. I can’t say the cutting job was the neatest, but you can’t see it after putting the cover and sheets on the bed. It fits perfectly in the original area which is surrounded by walls on 3 sides.

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