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RV Show—Little Guy

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Duration:   2  mins

The small teardrop-type campers have become very popular as they are ultra lightweight, easy to pull with minimal wind drag, and able to be pulled with just about anything. Originally, teardrop campers evolved just after World War II and were made of surplus war materials such as the metal of wings from fighter planes, Jeep wheels and axles, and other parts.

Fast forward to 2003 in North Canton, OH, and two brothers resurrected the once-popular teardrop design, kickstarting Little Guy Trailers. Today, Little Guy Worldwide carries a trailer for just about everyone from the weekend camper to full timers.

Join Joe Kicos of Little Guy Trailers as he presents the new prototype Shadow model, which is a clamshell design with all the comforts of home and quality construction—including dovetail hardwood cabinetry, a microwave oven, and a dinette designed for two people to sit comfortably. The Shadow model also features other luxuries such as a roof air conditioner, and the sky is the limit with a complete solar charging package.

Get a glimpse of this soon-to-be-released model that can be a luxury camper or off-road gem. It’s everything the big guys have, but it’s a Little Guy!

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