RV Slide Out Lubricant to Silence Squeaky Gears

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Even RVs that are properly stored and routinely inspected and maintained can develop small squeaks and creaks. This is certainly true for a Lippert slide room, which extends and retracts on a pulley and gear system that is prone to rusting and rubbing. If you notice your slide room has developed an annoying little squeak when pulling in or pushing out, we recommend applying RV slide out lubricant. The process is quick and relatively simple, and for just a few bucks you can eliminate that pesky sound when you set up for the night.

To help you select the right RV slide out lubricant for the job and correctly apply it to the rail system under your rig, expert Dave Solberg walks you step by step through a sample oil demonstration. He introduces the best application method, tells you what to look for while you’re inspecting the slide components, and explains why you might need to run the slide cycle a few times before you notice a difference. Follow Dave’s tips, and soon you’ll hear nothing but that sweet hum of added comfort!

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