Dave Solberg

Quick Tips for Better RV Toilet Operation

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1  mins

As opposed to the toilets in your home, an RV toilet requires a couple extra steps for proper use and maintenance. While the typical stationary toilet has a back-mounted tank that fills and flushes the bowl, a mobile RV toilet is either supplied with water via the fresh water tank and on-demand pump or a city water source. Standard RV toilet operation requires that you pull the foot pedestal up slightly to put a small amount of water in the bowl prior to using it.

In this video, we’ll teach you some simple tips for proper RV toilet operation and show you how to take care of your RV toilet so it remains cleaner while you’re out on the road.

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10 Responses to “Quick Tips for Better RV Toilet Operation”

  1. Ken

    Toilet won't go down 2000 bounder

  2. Tom

    Toilet bowl empties while resting. I gave the seal a good cleaning with a toothbrush but it still drains out. It's a new unit, only 1 season old.

  3. Deb

    my toilet does not have any water flowing in it. all other outlets, i.e., faucets, shower have water coming out.

  4. Kathey Carr

    This video is an excellent example of why I've not ever subscribed, despite the near daily "last chance!" email offers. First, the title of the video, tips for better toilet operation. No, it's how to flush!! And using what appears to be a very old style RV toilet, with unusual features including 2 pedals and an attached sprayer. The printed info includes the instruction to lift UP on the pedal to fill toilet bowl... which is not what's shown in the video, is an unusual operation, and quite honestly one that would break my toilet flush and fill pedal!!! Obviously, the grey water fill mistake had been corrected. This video, highlighted as a new offering in your email today, was actually first presented more than 18 months ago!! Gee, I can't imagine why I haven't subscribed yet, for any of the prices offered ($3.95-$5.00)??!!??

  5. Jack

    Why does my toilet stink, even after repeated flushing? Is the vent clogged? It smells like an outhouse.

  6. Robert Burcham

    Lost all confidence in your comments. The gray water tank has nothing to do with the toilet in any RV

  7. Joseph Ennis

    A bit of misinformation. The toilet water is not supplied from the gray water tank. In fact the gray water tank has no relation to the toilet. In our RV the black water tank is under the toilet.

  8. JAY

    I have yet to see any of these "Free" videos. They are ALWAYS "currently unavailable". As a premium member I don't really think I'm getting my money's worth. Does anyone monitor this site?

  9. Rob

    Gray water ? I have never seen an RV that uses gray water to flush the toilet. EVERY RV I have ever owned used fresh water !!!! Gray water can have food scraps etc. that could clog the small piping going to the toilet !!!

  10. Rex Reitmayer

    I don't think I am understanding, I thought the toilet water was supplied via whatever fresh water connection you were hooked up to, be it city water or potable water? Not via the grey water tank? I thought grey water consisted of any used water other then sewage which of course goes to the black tank.

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