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RVRC LIVE! April 2019

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Duration:   1  hrs 3  mins

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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2 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! April 2019”

  1. Jessie

    Have only 1 wet cell house battery for my class c. Can I swith to AGM battery without changing convertor? What size Amp hr battery would you get. Not doing alot of dry camping, but would like to, what would I need to do for DC

    • Customer Service

      Hello Jessie,
      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      You can switch to AGM without changing anything in the system. You only need to change things when using lithium batteries. The different size batteries just come with different am hour load ranges. Group 24 batteries are pretty standard and they have about 85 amp hours. If you plan to do more dry camping and want more amp hours I would recommend at least going with a group 27 battery, these are around 100 amp hours. Just that little extra can help you last another day or so while dry camping and it can make a difference. If you have room to add additional batteries you can always do that as well. If you are fully hooked up most of the time and want to do some extra boonkdocking trips, I would just move up to a group 27 battery.

      RV Repair Club Technical Expert

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