Dave Solberg

RVRC LIVE! May 2021

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1  hrs 6  mins

Welcome to our RVRC Q&A! Dave was so thrilled with the community engagement for this round of Q&A. Take a look at all the great tips and tricks he gave the audience. You might learn something!

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3 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! May 2021”


    Can you install a lithium battery in place of a lead acid. I may have missed this question from earlier. Just got in from work. From Ontario Canada.

  2. Peter Cino

    What method of towing a car do you recommend: Four on the ground, dolly or trailer? I am seriously considering dolly-- tell me the problems with that. thank you

  3. Steve

    I'm considering a tankless on demand water heater for my trailer. I don't like heating water 24 hours a day which is only needed occasionally. Any suggestions? Thanks. Steve

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