Simple DIY RV Windshield Repair Tips

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It is important to conduct an RV windshield repair immediately upon discovering chips and spider cracking on your RV windshield. If the damage is less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, you should be able to repair the damage yourself using a DIY RV windshield repair kit. These kits are available at RV supply stores and some auto repair supply stores.

To start your RV windshield repair you will want to take a push pin and go into the chip, cleaning out all of the loose glass and dirt. Using a paper towel or soft cloth, wash the window area making sure it is clean before putting on the adhesive pad.

Peel off the back of the applicator pad, making sure not to touch anything on it and place over chip with actual chip in the center, open part of the pad. Once attached remove the back half of applicator. Next mount the applicator piece from the RV windshield repair kit to the applicator adhesive with hole lined up with the chip.

Take the tube of resin found in the RV windshield repair kit and slowly squeeze it into applicator piece until it comes out of the top. Then put the injector plunger in place until it clicks in. Hold the plunger with one hand and pull up on it until it locks. Let sit ten minutes.

Pull the injector out slightly to let air in and depress plunger push down until clicks back in place. Let set for approximately 20 minutes then remove plunger. Use a razor blade around the applicator attached to window to peel it off. Wipe away any resin as it drips out of applicator.

Then apply curing patch making sure to get all of the air bubbles out and let set for one hour. If there is a good amount of sunlight you will only need to let it set for 15 minutes. When done, peel the patch back and clean the glass.

This RV windshield repair method should fill in all pitting. However, it may be necessary to do it again later on to ensure it is completely filled in.

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