Dave Solberg

How to Connect a Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   6  mins

Proper weight distribution of your trailer hitch is essential for safe towing. When you know that all of your trailer’s hitching components are correctly attached, you can have peace of mind as you make your way down the road. In this video lesson RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to connect a trailer weight distribution hitch to your truck’s receiver hitch, ensuring that each component is fully functioning and secure prior to departure.

Step by Step: Achieving Proper Trailer Weight Distribution

First things first, before attaching your hitches, you want check the specifications for your particular weight distribution and receiving hitches, and be sure that your truck and trailer are settled on level ground. With the hitches lined up, Dave then walks you step by step through the process of lining up and attaching the trailer weight distribution hitch to the receiving hitch on his truck.

You’ll begin by engaging the hitch, the method for which might vary depending upon your trailer’s unique specifications. You can find these in your rig’s owner manual. With the hitch engaged, connect power to the trailer, taking a second to ensure that you have a snug connection.

You will then attach the bracing chains (required by law to be criss-crossed underneath the trailer weight distribution hitch) and breakaway cable, which when disconnected on the road will automatically engage the trailer’s emergency brakes. After double-checking that all of these components are securely fastened, you’ll install the equalizing bars on either side, raising or lowering the hitch to tuck them into place.

And that should be it! Do another quick once-over for any encumberments or looseness in your connections, and then test the lights, brakes, etc. before hitting the road. Take your time getting everything hooked up, and you’ll have no issues out there!

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