How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Lippert Slide Room

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Duration: 6:07

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The invention of the hydraulic motor system drastically simplified the way RVers operate and maintain their slide room. Hydraulic systems, like the ones found in Lippert slide rooms, rely on limited space and the push of a button to extend and retract a full-sized bonus room for your rig.

While the hydraulic mechanisms of a Lippert system make the slide process much easier, there might be times when your slideroom doesn’t want to cooperate. More often than not, the cause is a jammed gear or drained battery, but motors occasionally become defective, leaving your room either permanently extended or retracted. This is an unwelcome problem when you’re at a campsite and you need to pull out or push back the slide room.

All hope is not lost! With the help of Dave Solberg and RVIA Certified Master Technician Steve Albright, you can troubleshoot your hydraulic system to diagnose the issue and take the proper steps to manually override the motor. You’ll learn how to check for obstructions, and then use the right tools to turn the solenoid that allows hydraulic fluid to flow and manually turn the motor. Follow these expert tips, and you’ll have no trouble moving your Lippert slide room the next time it decides to be stubborn!