Dave Solberg

Upgrading to the Winegard Rayzar Automatic Antenna

Dave Solberg
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The days of the batwing are long gone. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, now there’s no need to climb on top of your RV to adjust the antenna to catch a signal. With the Winegard Rayzar automatic antenna, watching TV in your RV is entirely work- and stress-free. All you have to do is install it and kick back; the Winegard Rayzar does the rest for you.

In this quick rundown, Dave Solberg talks about the many benefits of upgrading your traditional antenna to this automatic alternative. He explains how simple the installation process is if you already have an existing antenna — no additional electrical wiring or dirty work required. You’ll learn the basic requirements for placing the antenna in its optimal location. If you’re ready to take your RV TV watching game to the next level, make the investment today!

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10 Responses to “Upgrading to the Winegard Rayzar Automatic Antenna”



    • Customer Service

      Hello Kipp,

      I’m sorry I couldn’t find any further installation instructions on this specific product.


      RV Lifestyle & Repair

  2. Richard

    I’m looking for a better way to receive better wifi signals when I’m in a campground that provides it. I’ve found I rarely have a strong enough signal to get anything when I’m inside my motorhome. I’ve seen an ad for a repeater designed for RV’s but was $500. Could you let me know about how to get better signals inside our RV? Maybe it could be a good topic for another video!

    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      WiFi signals are transmitted at low power as mandated by the FCC and typically only have a line of site range to a laptop computer of about 300 feet! Campgrounds can extend this range by using repeaters installed at various locations around the campground. Three main issues will affect the signal you get at your computer:
      1. The type of WiFi transmitter the campground is using and the number/placement of the repeaters. Older transmitters will not have the speed and range and limited repeaters will not provide enough coverage.
      The number of users can also slow the system down with the lower bandwidth.

      2. Interference from obstacles such as buildings, trees, and other rigs in your line of site. If you can identify where the antenna and repeaters are located, you might be able to find a location with a clearer line of site. You also have to factor in the obstructions from your own rig as you are trying to get a signal through all the fiberglass, rubber aluminum and other materials!

      3. The wireless card and antenna in your CPU or laptop is inside the unit, again…obstacles or obstructions that limit the signal getting through the plastic case and other components.

      So, start with identifying the repeaters at a campground and finding a spot closer to those. Look at getting a reception booster that is a small device with antennas that plugs into your computer and can be mounted to a window with a direct line of site to a repeater or antenna.

      A premium option is the WiFI Extender by Winegard which will boost the signal and has had great reviews. We will be evaluating one next month.

      Hope this helps,
      David RVRC Video Membership

  3. Robert

    What was the point in showing that when you prefaced it but it won’t work in here surrounded by mail. You got to HD stations when you hooked it up outside. I bought one of these it gets zero stations when it claims it will get them for 50 miles. You cannot use them inside it is worthless. Just like that video was.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Robert,

      We appreciate your feedback and it has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of new programs and offers. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.

      Becky RVRC Video Membership

    • Customer Service

      Hi, David. Visit Winegard’s website here: http://www.winegard.com/over-the-air-television-antennas

      This will take you to the RV section and especially the Rayzar models including the automatic and stand alone models. One the site you can click the Buy It Now button and purchase directly from Winegard or they also have a Buy From Amazon link as well. Pricing and technical information are all on the site when you select a model. You can also click on the link to find a local distributor as well.

  4. steve

    the video on the rayzar automatic antenna would be neat if showed how to install it. you could have done that at a tabletop and not sitting on an RV. I don’t know how to screw into a roof and seal it; that info would have been helpful….

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Steve. We would like to let you know that your feedback has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of our online video streaming community.

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