• learn-how-to-improve-your-golf-swing-with-the-no-slice-baseball-swing-007748

    Learn How to Improve Your Golf Swing with the “No Slice” Baseball Swing

    In this video Dr. Gary Wiren helps you avoid from the dreaded slice with this rotation of the forearm drill. When you swing your club like a baseball bat, your forearm naturally turns over and squares the face. Try this with your practice swing to create less tension and keep the club face square so…

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  • Golf Swing Drills: The Aircraft Carrier Drill

    Golf Swing Drills: The Aircraft Carrier Drill

    In this video, Joseph Hallett gives you tips and techniques on how to hit your fairway woods solid. Follow along and learn this simple, fun and effective drill called the aircraft carrier drill. This sweeping drill will help your shots soar!

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  • perfect-your-drive-with-the-loaded-up-drill-007282

    Perfect Your Drive with the Loaded Up Drill

    In this video, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett shows you how to correctly stand with your weight behind the ball in order to get a little extra power in your swing. The loaded up drill focuses on loading up your weight on the right side for more power and longer drives.

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  • knocking-the-ball-off-the-lip-006564

    Knocking the Ball Off the Lip

    Here’s a great putting drill by PGA Professional Robert Stocke to help you visualize the proper pace of your putts and tap into your athletic ability. He demonstrates a drill where you place a ball on the lip of the cup and practice putting your ball to tap the other ball into the hole. This…

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  • Creative Golf Practice Drills: Let the Cards Call Your Shot

    Creative Golf Practice Drills: Let the Cards Call Your Shot

    PGA Professional Joseph Hallett combines fun with useful practice by showing you a game that will test your skills. It’s basically the golf version of the basketball game horse. Get a few index cards, write down a style of shot and a golf club selection. You can play against a friend or by yourself. This…

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  • Perfecting Your Pitching

    Perfecting Your Pitching

    PGA Professional Gary Bates provides helpful techniques to perfect your pitching. Find out what clubs Gary recommends, different approaches to pitching and how to tackle various pitching situations you may encounter on the course. Learn how adjusting your posture can make a difference and how to determine the strength of your pitching ability on your…

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  • maximum-power-and-distance-002950

    Maximum Power and Distance

    The first step to becoming a better golfer happens on the teebox. Dr. Gary Wiren and Mike Malaska believe that in order to be successful off the tee, you have to first evaluate and improve your drives, which means you should be confident in your ability, play to your tendencies and go through the same…

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  • Putting-Improved-Distance-and-Accuracy-001837

    Putting: Improved Distance and Accuracy

    In this video you’ll learn how to improve your putting distance and accuracy. PGA Instructor Rodney Green shows you how to improve your distance control with several putting drills and how to consistently make three foot putts. Then PGA Instructor Michael Breed shows you an insightful drill to help you take the putter straight back…

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  • When Your Swing Goes South

    When Your Swing Goes South

    If you ever find that you’re in a bit of a funk where no matter what you do to your swing, you just can’t seem to make it work, you should try getting back to the basics. PGA Professional Rodney Green teaches you various tests or checks that will allow you to fix the fundamentals:…

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