Metal Roof Sealant Recommendations

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My rig has a tin/metal roof and I’m seeing some water deposits inside. I’m noticing some small holes in the tin – what should I seal it with?

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I would recommend the metal roof coating from Dicor. It applies easy, will seal the holes and actually insulate the inside better as well. Check out their Elastomeric Metal RV Roof Coating and give it a try. I hope this helps!

Dicor additionally makes sealants for all roof types, not just metal or tin. They have products to help clean, replace, protect, and repair your RV Roof.

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49 Responses to “Metal Roof Sealant Recommendations”

  1. Steve

    Very helpful information.

  2. D Leavitt

    Have a 1988 33 ft Itasca has metal think it is alum. has a roof leak now. We have eternal bond tape around a/c and vents. Would a good metal roof coating work for the whole unit over the tape? thank you

  3. Adam Schmidt

    What's the cheapest way to seal my entire roof

  4. Aaron Armstrong

    I need help! I have a 1983 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with a 6.2l diesel. I need help figuring out where the fuel vapor return line (?) coming out of my fuel tank is supposed to be connected to. It's 31" long and has a hose clamp at the end of it. I've included a pic. Thanks in advance for any help! Hello Aaron, Great question! The ‘Ask an Expert’ section is currently for members of our online community. I would be happy to send your question off to the experts. To get started, please send the email associated with your paid membership account. Thanks!

  5. RV Roof Sealant

    Our shop has been using rv roof magic for years now. Many reason but the main one is that we never had a customer call us about product issues. For us it is the best rv roof sealant out there and it never needs a primer one coat also. Their site is

  6. Kenneth

    I have a 2003 Doman intruder 37 ft RV. My touchpad is 140 - 1231 It will not light up Emergency break is on Transmission in park in engine running Checked all the fuses I could find all good. On 4 pin plug to pad the yellow wire I get my 12v dc On the red wire I get a non readable Voltage I try to ohm it to ground but my meter jumps to read dc v the same with green And the black wire low Voltage 5dc v. My control Box 140 - 1230 ( 500674s ) on the item 1 6 pin plug. I get 12v dc on pin 1 pin 2 ground pin 3 ground pin 4 ground pin 5 14v dc pin 6 nothing. On Item 2 touchpad harness 4 pin plug I get 0n pin 1 4.7v dc on pin 2 13v dc on pin 3 13v dc on pin 4 ground. New touchpad Is there anything else that I can Check or do.? Kenneth Bassett

  7. Debbie

    My heater/ furnace is not coming on at all. Like it's not getting any power.

  8. Lance DeVaul

    I hit a column and messed up the back corner and have new corner pieces but what is the best way to get the old caulking off? It seams more like a sealant versus caulking.

  9. Stephen Mcgrath

    My leak in my roof isn,t small. After scraping away the rotten wood I could see the at least three feet of the metal is rusty and would appreciate and advice? Thank you Stephen Mcgrath

  10. Albert Moreno

    Where do I start. My rv is making a loud "like" power steering noise. I know it's not the power steering because because of the fact when I turn steering wheel the noise does not intesify. To note when I break the noise seems to intesify..also if I put it in parl