RV Rubber Roof Conditioning Tips and Products


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We recently received a question from a Club member in regard to conditioning an RV rubber roof. They wondered, I’ve already cleaned the roof, is conditioning actually necessary? According to RV expert Dave Solberg, the answer is a definitive yes. Rubber roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, particularly UV rays that can cause the membrane to dry out and turn to chalk. Cleaning the material does not prepare it to endure these often harsh conditions.

For that reason, Protect All makes a line of products that are specifically geared toward protecting whatever kind of roof you have. Whether your roof is EDPM or TPO, there’s a conditioner to match. Dave explains which product is meant for your RV rubber roof, and tells you how best to use it to ensure you get that ten-year warranty!

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2 Responses to “RV Rubber Roof Conditioning Tips and Products”
  1. Shannon Ramirez

    looking at the RV rubber roof conditioning Tips. I’ve looked up Rubber Roof Treatment by Protect All that you recommend. I am having problems finding out how much is needed.. how many square feet will that spray bottle that you show in the video cover. thank you

    • Customer Service

      Hi Shannon,

      That is a great question as all the information I have one the product has no application square footage so you don’t know how much to buy! I have checked with my Thetford sources who now own Protect All and they do not have that data as well. They stated that the product was initially designed for spot applications which did not need sf data, but expanded to roof and sidewall applications that they would need to research. From my personal experience, most 32 oz cleaners and conditioners for RV roofs covered a 30 foot roof. However, this was in moderate temperatures inside a building. If you are outside you would experience some evaporation of the product and might not get the same coverage? We will do more research on this and hopefully test it on a unit, but my guess would be under 28’ would take one 32oz bottle and you might want to get a second with a larger unit?


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