Tips for Winterizing an RV Water Heater

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When winterizing with air, do you blow air through the water heater tank on normal mode? And is it okay to blow air through the pump or should you just run it dry for a few seconds? Great class by the way, thank you!

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Thanks for viewing the class! That was a fun one to shoot. To answer your question, I would just remove the drain plug in the water heater tank which will drain it completely, then switch off the water heater bypass valve so the air pressure doesn’t go out the drain plug.

You will want to run the water pump dry as there would still be some water in the pump filter and the pipe coming to the pump from the fresh water tank and just after. Good luck!

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David Solberg

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85 Responses to “Tips for Winterizing an RV Water Heater”

  1. Mike

    I would like to remind campers that when winterizing the RV not to forget the outdoor shower faucet that on my unit is at the back end of the unit..

  2. Barry

    Our 2096 class C has approx 22 thousand miles on it. This has always been stored under cover. Tires have well more than half their life span left. Question is they are showing drywall rot. I would like to get further use but a bit concerned of the safety factor. How would I or inspection garage determine what is or is not safe. Thank you

  3. Ed Howard

    I use a 40 psi regulater on the compressor and then I can just open and close the valves by my self. Don't forget the outside shower & low point drains.

  4. TIM

    I am considering doing some RV trips this winter in cold climates. I know I need to protect the plumbing system. Can I use RV antifreeze, and still camp?

  5. John Roche

    lit my propane central heat. working fine. but now have a slight gas order wether it's off or on. propane was always on and I had odor till turning heat on

  6. Dee Leuthe

    Fridges of the 8-series with manual ignition are provided with a battery igniter and a Gas-Operation-Indicator (Galvanometer) I can't get it to start on propane unless I completely remove the cover on the outside mechanism (flume, and where the gas line lines up to it. Then it almost always will start. I was told it may be battery in the ignitor, which has probably never been changed. You are to push in the ignitor and turn the button to release the battery, but I find this impossible. Of course all the people at Domestic can't help. Most don't agree that I even have a battery ignitor. Can you help? There must be a trick to getting this to work. I am hoping that it will work with new battery, but if not there just may be a lose wire in that ignitor line. Thanks! Dee

  7. William MacGregor

    Where is the bypass valve in this unit

  8. Jodi Millis

    How to winterize my rv

  9. Roger Wujek

    How does one winterize an AquaHot and clothes washer? What about ice maker in the refrigerator?

  10. Dave Phelps

    Water heater is HOT. Haven't winterized, opened outdoor shower valves, turned any mixer valves. Hardly any hot water pressure or hot water at all hot water valves in the unit. What did a little mouse do to mess my unit up.