Virtual Park and Campground Tours

Virtual Parks and Campground Tours

As most of us are staying at home or at least limiting the number of trips out for essentials, we are challenged to find activities that keep us from going stir crazy. One of my good friends who is a baseball fanatic and travels to spring training and several games throughout the year commented: “With no baseball to attend or even watch on the TV, I suddenly noticed someone at the other end of the couch? She looks a little like my wife!”

We have been keeping up with all the closures of state, national, and even small private campgrounds throughout the country and it’s getting harder to find a place to camp as most are closed to new arrivals or closed completely.


Kampgrounds Of America (KOA) has a site dedicated to the status of their campgrounds that you can navigate. They recommend checking the website of the specific KOA campground you are looking to go to.

National Parks campgrounds are also closing or not opening until a later date and most governors have ordered state and private campgrounds to either not accept new guests or close completely.

And to top it off, the weather has turned a little nicer and the itch to go camping, hiking, and visit our favorite campsites parks is making it more frustrating staying at home. However, there are things you and your family can do to make it seem like we are there…virtual camping!

KOA has 11 virtual tours of attractions around the world including Walt Disney World in Orlando complete with 360-degree photos, videos, and wonderful pictures of the “Greatest Place On Earth”.

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If you are planning to visit a National Park in the future (as soon as we get the green light) now is a great time to do some preemptive planning for that trip. The National Park Association has a great website for all parks complete with campground information and virtual tours as well. Find your virtual tour here! There are also some great resources for children and Junior Ranger programs.

From this site you can see virtual activities and well as tours of a wide variety of parks across the country from the safety and comfort of your own home. I would suggest getting a note pad and take notes of the places you want to go. You may even want to start a notepad or word document for the locations with the websites and download photos.

RV Repair Club also has some wonderful videos on National Parks as well as blogs written by Sue Bray, and Barry Zander, as each of them travels the country and stays in the campgrounds. You can go find these videos under the “RV Travel” section of our videos, to view Sue’s articles, click here, and to view Barry’s articles, click here.

Another great source for a virtual tour is Campground Views. My friend Mark Koep has been traveling the country for several years in a 5th wheel with his family and taken over 3000 videos on campgrounds, national parks, and other attractions. He is currently hunkered down in Southern CA in his brother’s driveway staying safe with a newborn! However, you can check out his wonderful videos and great information on everything RVing around the country his website.

With today’s smart TVs, we can pull up large screen breathtaking videos, photos, and adventures while we safely get through this pandemic. Let us know what kind of activities you’re doing at home in the comments below. Stay safe and dream of RVing soon!

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