Week 6 Duct Tape

Roll of duct tape

Well, we made it! Our final assignment of the Hack My RV Challenge is here and it’s a good one: duct tape! The be-all, end-all for any savvy RVer or homeowner. You likely have a roll (or six) lying around the RV – what clever hack can you create using duct tape that makes your RVing experience better? We want to see!

When you’ve completed your hack for the week, make sure to share a photo with us in the Challenge Facebook Group!


Dave exercises his creative side in this week’s hack, and shares a fun idea for creating custom keychains using the many different varieties of duct tape available today. Check it out in the video below:

Rolls of duct tape
Ready for the next hack? Here’s what’s coming up next:

Swim Noodles
PVC Pipes
Grocery Bags
Cardboard Tubes
Empty Containers
Duct Tape

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4 Responses to “Week 6 Duct Tape”

  1. Dale

    Slide outs how to retract when batteries don't work

  2. Glen

    Installed with Coleman Mach thermostat, have made several trips to dealer and spoke to Coleman customer support. Unit will not come on , getting voltage at control box AC also 12V. Dealer told me to wire it one way and Coleman CS told me another! Neither works. Thermostat directions list several control boxes that work with it , I am on third box from dealer which are different numbers , they assure me Coleman said these boxes fix this unit and thermostat. Help Please

  3. Art McFarland

    How to lock up a bumper hitch trailer where it can't get stolen?????????????????????????

  4. Jack Tonkovich

    FR3 was "Sirius-Ready" I Purchased Receiver, FR3 Dealer installed it. It works sporadically (sp?). Seems to lose signal when driving on bumpy roads, then recovers with later bump.