What to Do About A/C Condensation

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The water from my air conditioning unit keeps running down the inside of my RV rather than outside. How can I fix this?

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Condensation from the A/C unit has been a long time battle with RV owners. Some people will actually leave the rig slightly higher to the passenger side so the water runs to the other side.

Check to make sure your model does not have a condensation hose that may be plugged. Also, you need to check the torque of the fastening bolts. Go inside and take off the bottom shroud, on each corner you will have a spring loaded bolt which needs to be tightened to a specific torque periodically. Otherwise the foam gasket starts to compress and water can run inside. Good luck!

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84 Responses to “What to Do About A/C Condensation”

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    I would like to know if a soft start package is worth buying and installing.

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    Would like to run rooftop AC on 15 amp circuit , it is 13,500 btu, can add soft Starr, but am thinking of changing to a 9200 BTU model, same shape and size, low profile,

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    Ha well a wiring problem with the 120 V service panel. Where. An I beta wiring diagram. Factory hasn’t been much help

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    In 110 degress weather we had this year in BC it is a steady stream. Fortunately the AC perfromed flawlessly. Just wondering, is there an internal circuit breaker on these AC units?

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    Condensation from the ac unit

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    What happens if condensation drain is not open?

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    The bedroom ac unit sounds like it was gargling water and when we turned it off it poured water and soaked our bed. Is it broken?