Your Top 5 Favorites of 2021

We always love to know what our members enjoy most from RV Repair Club, so we took a look at our most popular RV tips, maintenance videos, and how-to guides over the past year. Here are your top five favorites from RV Repair Club in 2021!

1. Top Newbie Mistakes

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With so much that goes into RVing, we’re all bound to make mistakes somewhere along the road. This helpful article shares some of the most common mistakes made by RV newbies so you can avoid a bumpy ride. Read now!

2. Troubleshooting Your Water Heater

Having a properly functioning water heater is essential while you’re out on the open road. In this top video from 2021, we show you how to troubleshoot your water heater so you can get back to what matters—adventure! Watch video now!

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3. Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Your refrigerator may be one of the most crucial appliances for a comfortable RV experience, and when it malfunctions or stops working altogether, you could be in for a major headache. This video demonstrates how to troubleshoot your RV refrigerator so you can stay fully stocked and worry free. Watch video now!

4. Common RV Refrigerators and Power Sources

Depending on your type of vehicle, the kind of refrigerator you have and its power source will vary. This popular video shines a light on the various types of RV refrigerators and power sources so you know what you need for your setup. Watch video now!

5. Explaining the Battery Disconnect Switch

Ask an RV Expert

For those new RVers discovering all the buttons, levers, and switches on their rigs, there can naturally be a good deal of confusion at times. Many of our members found this Q&A on the battery disconnect switch helpful in 2021. Read now!

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6 Responses to “Your Top 5 Favorites of 2021”

  1. Dennis Bourgeois

    My Dutchman has a pretty long slideout and weighs alot. I've owned this trailer now for 15 years and cannot afford to upgrade to something newer, My problem is whenever my slide goes out it gets to a little over half way out and drops down at least 3/4". same thing when closing, I've been under this thing looking at 3 gear tracks and cannot see the problem. I think it needs adjustment but can't figure it out. Please help.


    dometic water heater plastic drain plug

  3. Elaine Ylioja

    Leaking when tub is used. Added silicone around drain. What else can we try?

  4. JAMES

    What do you think about upgrading the suspension with better shocks swaybars and others items to improve the highway handling and improvement of ease to drive and not get fatigue. This is a 2021 F53 chassis on a 35 foot.

  5. Ann Sprague

    I'm enjoying your video sessions - learning a lot!

  6. Michael Castelli

    My coach no longer airs down when i park it, then after a few days if i try and drive it it feels like it has ridged suspension and bounces down the road, I am not sure if there is a water bleed valve that may be the problem, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.