Know Your 120-Volt Electrical System DVD Class


Item: T3002R


DVD Class: Know Your 120-Volt Electrical System

Although the electrical power used in your RV is similar to that used in your home, there are several unique properties to the 120-Volt power system that all RV owners should know. This instructional class will walk you through, step-by-step, the key factors of your RV electrical system, including these specific topics:

  • Campground power overview
  • Units of measure
  • Checking the campground power source
  • The distribution center
  • Campground source vs. generator power
  • Checking amp draw and using a multimeter
  • Energy management systems
  • Safety and surge protectors
  • Electrical system diagnosis
  • Instructor: Dave Solberg
    Video run-time: 73 minutes

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content:

  • Class Guide PDF, as reference for key class instruction
  • Amperage Draw Guide PDF, for common RV elements
  • Terminology Guide PDF, to help understand key terms you’ll hear
  • Multimeter Basics PDF, for help in using this important device
  • Video: Meet Your Instructor
  • Video: More about 120-Volt Systems
  • PLEASE NOTE: The content in this Class DVD is identical to the content available in streaming video form, which you can purchase/review separately in the RV Repair Club store here.

    Watch a preview of this DVD below: