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Avoid RV Refrigerator Repairs By Not Placing Heavy Items in the Door

Dave Solberg
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One of the best things about owning an RV is being able to take your home everywhere you go while on vacation. RV refrigerators are a great and necessary accessory on your rig for storing and keeping your favorite foods cold. As you know, driving around in the RV can cause things to shift, especially when traveling along bumpy roads. This can cause things to move around in the refrigerator and might create a need for minor RV refrigerator repair work.

The best way to protect yourself from needing to conduct RV refrigerator repair is to not place heavy items in the door of the refrigerator. Placing heavy items on the door could cause the door to sag and eventually lead to the door not properly sealing when closed. This could affect the efficiency of the refrigerator, which could lead to more than just minor repair work.

If your refrigerator door is sagging, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix it and prevent any further RV refrigerator repair work from needing to be done. To start, take the door off and inspect the hinges. Check to see if any are damaged or bent beyond repair. If the hinges are metal, it might be possible to bend them back into place. For plastic hinges, a repair job might not be as easy. It might be necessary to replace them entirely or you might have to place a few washers to lift the refrigerator door back to its proper position.

To avoid having to do repair work, consider placing heavy items such as milk, water and condiment jars in the center of the refrigerator while driving. These items can be put back on the door for easy access once you have arrived at your destination.

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