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Choosing the Best RV House Battery for Your Rig

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   9  mins

Everyone travels differently, and everyone spends their time differently while they’re out in the world in their RV. The amount of power you use while on your adventures might vary, which means your battery supply needs will be unique. In this free video lesson, Dave Solberg teaches you how to select the best RV house battery for your rig depending upon your particular vehicle and your travel needs.

What is the best RV house battery for you?

According to Dave, the ideal house battery for your RV depends on a few considerations:

  • – The amount of stuff you run on a typical trip (appliances, inverters, solar panels, etc.)
  • – The size of your rig
  • – The length of your travels
  • – The type of travel

Regarding the last point, Dave explains why the battery you choose might need to be more or less powerful based on the amount of boondocking you do. If you boondock quite a bit and for long periods of time, you’ll need a higher-quality, more capable battery. Dave also discusses the types of batteries available for your needs, including chassis (cold cranking) and deep cycle batteries.

He then explains why you should look at amp hours available and what happens to a battery’s number of cycles as its quality increases. Furthermore, you’ll discover whether a 6V or 12V system is better for your needs. Dave tends to prefer 12V because when hooked up in series, you get double the amp hours.

Additionally, Dave recommends checking battery fluid level prior to every trip you take. And when you’re deciding which battery type is ideal for your vehicle, check RV Lifestyle & Repair’s 12-Volt Deep Cycle Battery Essentials chart to learn how much amp draw you’ll require. No matter which type you choose, always choose quality! There are lots of options out there on the market, but many of them will not stand the test of time. Invest in a high-quality battery, and you shouldn’t have to replace it any time soon!

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7 Responses to “Choosing the Best RV House Battery for Your Rig”

  1. Craig Timmermans

    Do you have the RV 12V amp draw chart as mentioned in the "Choosing The Best RV House Battery For Your Rig" video

  2. JAMES

    How Old is this video that there is no mention of Lithium Batteries? Please correct the obvious error about hooking up twelve volt batteries "in series" will double VOLTAGE, not amp hours

  3. Don Spitzmiller

    I just watched an excellent report on “Choosing the Best battery for Your Rig” with Dave Solberg. He gave an very good and very complete explanation of lead acid batteries. Probably the best I have ever seen. There was no mention of Lithium batteries. Being so popular with full timers, dry campers, solar conversions and now even being offered as options and original equipment with manufacturers, why was this not touched upon?

  4. matt

    If Dave hooks two 12 volt batteries in series ,he won't get twice the hours, but he will have 24 volts

  5. Mike Milko

    Ohh, Ohh Please correct article before some on tries this. " Dave tends to prefer 12V because when hooked up in series you get double the amp hours." You would hook up two 12 volt batteries in parallel.

  6. Dave Norman

    Hooking up 12 volt batteries “in series” will double the voltage, not the amp hours

  7. Michael Mazzotta

    What about lithium batteries

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