Dave Solberg

RV Leveling Jacks Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips

Dave Solberg
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We’ve had a handful of members write in wondering what to do when the leveling jacks on their RV’s slide room, fifth wheel or tow trailer aren’t working properly. For most of these cases, their hydraulic system has either taken on a disturbing growling noise upon descension of the leveling jacks or they simply won’t retract back into the rig (without force from a 2×4).

Once you notice RV leveling jacks not working

In this free video lesson, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick explanation to teach you how you should troubleshoot when you discover RV leveling jacks not working properly on your rig. With Dave’s help, you’ll learn what to look for when you notice there’s an issue with your leveling jacks. He shows you how to diagnose the problem, then introduces a few tips for finding a solution for your HWH leveling system.

One particular user who emailed in about this issue said they had cleaned and oil their hydraulic system, but the growling problem still persisted. Growling typically means there’s corrosion somewhere in your hydraulic system, likely in the shafts, and each manufacturer has its own recommendations for troubleshooting this issue. However, Dave believes just about all will steer you away from using any chemicals other than WD-40.

Silicones and cleaning agents such as Dawn dish soap can worsen the corrosion and render your system irreparable. So what you should do is spray the system well with WD-40 and then wipe clean. If this doesn’t do the trick, you might need to invest in new springs (which are responsible for pulling the legs back up) or a new cylinder kit, available through Lippert’s website.

Give Dave’s advice a go; try cleaning and oiling to restore and then utilize proper maintenance from there. If the problem of RV leveling jacks not working persists, go to Lippert and pick up a cylinder kit to start fresh. And check out some of our other videos to learn expert tips on inspecting your leveling jacks or discover what to do when your leveling jacks won’t extend at all. Leave us a comment if these lessons still don’t answer your question, and we’ll do our best to help you find a solution!

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27 Responses to “RV Leveling Jacks Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips”

  1. Lehan

    My 2 Front Hydraulic Jack are slowly coming down while In route to location

  2. Thomas McDaniel

    My low battery light is on and my jacks will not go up or down. Can you manually operate operate the jacks?

  3. Ralph Harrison

    2005 Winnebago Sightseer 29r Kwikee leveling system stopped working. First all lights came on , heard clicking in inside relay but no motor running. Now nothing no lights no relay or no motor, I do have power to board- any ideas?

  4. pete

    32' 1989 Pace Arrow motorhome.| It sat for a year and a half The jack retracted , but now none of jacks will extend .The reservoir took a gallon of fluid. It almost seems like there is a safety switch preventing it from working, Parking brake on.

  5. Kelly Lynch

    Granted I have an older RV (1989 Dolphin), but its been maintained prior to my owning it i'd say in B or B+ fashion. The problem ive run into is when I acquired this rig in Dec '20, everything worked, including my leveling devices and their in-dash mounted controller. They were a bit corroded so, at times, needed a bit of help to fully extend or retract, but as a whole, the leveling system was entirely functional. Now however, even the controller box powers on, i get no movement or sound from any of the 4 levelers whatsoever. Its as if they arent even hooked up to the controller any longer. In any case, i dont even know where to begin to tackle this dilemma? Btw, the manufacturer is 'Mark V', i dunno if they're still around

  6. Frederick Louk

    I have a Jayco Talon and one of the rear jacks is not retracting when the other 5 do. How can I fix this?

  7. Dean D'Ambrosi

    Dave, My 2006 Fleetwood Southwind is having a problem with the jacks and when I had it diagnosed I was told that the control board is not functioning. We are able to bypass the controls and raise and lower the jacks, so we know the jacks function. The system is made by Lippert and although we were able to find the touch pad we have not been able to find the control. We are also looking to try a custom control made by HWH, but they are on back order. So I have a couple of questions. 1) Can you think of any sources that might have the Lippert touch panel and or control? 2) Do you know of any other panel or control that might work with this system? 3) Do you know of an secondary or used part suppliers we might be able to try for the parts? 4) Are there any "manual" (fifth wheel type) jack that I can use under the current jacks while we are trying to locate the right parts? Thank you for your help and counsel!

  8. Rick

    When I retract my big foot leveling system 1of the jacks comes down about an inch. Can you give me a reason

  9. Mindy

    Our leveling jacks on our Winn. won’t go back up.

  10. Steve Quai

    Have a 2004 Winnebago Brave with the HWH 325 series Leveling System. While driving the yellow 'Jacks Down' indicator light turned on and buzzer sounded, pulled over and found the LR jack was down about 1/4 inch with the round RF jack indicator on the keypad was 'red'. Could not force the jacks up and drove for 3 hours with the error indicators on. Upon arrival neither the jacks or slides (2) were working (both were stuck closed) and the RF, RR and LR jack keypad indicators were 'red'. After turning the engine off both slides extended on AC/ battery power, jacks made a strange clicking sound and appeared to be the relays? Also noticed red hydraulic fluid on the front corner of left slide had splashed over the outside panel (subsequently looked under the bed but could not seen any leakage from the hoses though could not clearly see the connectors). Also the RF jack has considerable leakage on the outside of the jack and assume the fluid level is low. I have not check the hydraulic fluid level as we have to move soon and the slides are still extended. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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