Dave Solberg

RV Leveling Jacks Inspection and Maintenance

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

It’s important to regularly inspect RV leveling jacks to ensure your Lippert slide room is in proper condition for use on any kind of roadtrip, whether you’ll be drydocking for days at a time or making a quick pit stop for the night. If you know all the components of your hydraulic slide room system are fully functional and well maintained, you can rest easier and get more bang for your buck.

While there’s not much to do in the way of maintenance (Lippert sliders are less stressful to care for than most), there are certainly things you can look for prior to hitting the road. To help you complete a thorough inspection, expert Dave Solberg walks you through his checklist for a hydraulic slide room system. He explains why each item is essential, and tells you what you should do if you find an issue with any of the components. As always, know before you go; save yourself the headache!

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7 Responses to “RV Leveling Jacks Inspection and Maintenance”


    I have a 2005 fleetwood american tradition motor home i was getting ready for a short trip pushed the travel button on the panel jacks came up but then it started beeping and showing a fault and noticed one of my jack didn't retract all the way it is down about 3 inches would like to know what to look for to repair thanks mark

  2. Victoria Escorza

    I have a 1987 itasca winnebago and the jack buttons the lights on the panel and the light on the dash have not worked since I drove it away I have charged both batteries and changed the fuse. No life. Is there a manual way to lower them?

  3. Bernard Roussel

    My 2010 Fleetwood encounter hydraulic stabilizers don't work. The board shows low voltage

  4. traveling1

    What’s the deal? I pay for membership and then you put an advertisement, which I am forced to watch, at the beginning???? Come on man!

  5. Gary O'Brien

    I bought a 94 Gulfstream this summer. 34 feet. 3 levelers were working when I got it.. Now I have power to the solenoid, but I get no response from moving the levers under the driver seat. Any thoughts?

  6. Robert Kimmell

    My Jacks don't work ,lights work on panel,I added a small amount of transmission fluid, still nothing.

  7. John Holbrook

    My neighbor has a travel trailer and the leveling jacks on one side continues to shorten with time. Also the controls often don't do anything when buttons are pushed. Power is there to the controls. Video doesnt play but a few seconds at a time with a minute break between the few seconds.

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